Client Profile & Testimonial

Client Profile & Testimonial
Dr. George Huang, Freedompreneur Coaching and Consulting

System Six Bookkeeping, Seattle WA has been working with Dr. George Huang, owner of Freedompreneur Coaching and Consulting, for several years. We are responsible for business and personal bookkeeping, substantial monthly reconciliations, bill pay, invoicing, DOR filings, receiving online payments from multiple clients, billing, and ongoing  process improvement.  Dr. George is also a trusted referral source.

You can read Dr George’s thoughts below, and visit the Freedompreneur Website for more information on how Dr George helps his clients achieve success, freedom, and profitability in their businesses.

October 29, 2010

To Whom it May Concern:

During my career as a plastic surgeon and an entrepreneur, I’ve worked with a number of bookkeepers. I
have to say that good bookkeepers are really hard to find! There is a lot more to successful, reliable
bookkeeping than simply plugging numbers into a software application.

Before I started working with System Six Bookkeeping of Seattle, my books were a total mess. I had worked with a
line of different bookkeepers to clean things up but the problems seemed to be getting worse and worse,
especially when I took over as the bookkeeper.

What Jeremy and his team at System Six Bookkeeping did was to help me simply “brain dump” all the
questions, concerns and frustrations that I had accumulated over the years. Then they helped to formulate a
plan to address the near-term issues as well as work toward a longer-term operational system that now
enables me to focus on the thinking and the tasks that are in my “strike zone.”

The team at System Six Bookkeeping methodically worked through the pile of physical and digital
paperwork to bring my books current. It was a Herculean effort, no doubt, and it’s a major relief to now
have that mental and emotional “energy leak” behind me.

The fundamental operational systems and workflow have been established. They work. Of course, we’re
both continuing to refine them.

Integrity is one of my most important values when it comes to working with my entrepreneurial clients. I
have known Jeremy Allen for over seven years and in all of my dealings with him and my work with
System Six Bookkeeping, I have not seen or experienced anything that has me doubt their integrity or

To freedom and prosperity,

George C. Huang, M.D. | Chief Freedom Officer
phone: (425) 338-7877
fax: (866) 401-0095