Data Science and Custom Reporting

Boosting productivity through analysis and reporting

In years past, good bookkeeping was simpler. A solid understanding of accounting skills, QuickBooks, and a relationship with a trusted bookkeeper and tax preparing CPA were the main drivers. Today, small businesses and organizations rely much more heavily on an expert understanding of how cloud-based technologies and applications work together with the bookkeeping and accounting process. Bookkeeping is no longer an after-the-fact review of the debits and credits that occurred in the past.

Working like a master plumber, we look for ways to streamline business processes by connecting our clients’ QuickBooks Online (QBO) files to third-party software, helping to drive a more functional, real-time, and profitable business.  Some of the ways we can help:

  • Building custom reports & visual dashboards in our favorite reporting software, Fathom
  • Forecasting Cash Flow through a custom-built spreadsheet tool that instantly connects and updates with accounts receivable, payable, and bank account balance data directly from QBO
  • Reducing data entry time (often times significantly) by using tools like QODBC and CDATA, which allow our team to push/pull, and manipulate directly data inside of QBO by using Intuit provided APIs.
  • Building custom reports in Google Docs or Excel, pulling data from the QBO servers directly into a spreadsheet report formatted like you want, and allowing instant updates at the push of a button from your computer or mobile device

We believe in better bookkeeping

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