Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

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No matter the current state of the books or your previous experiences with bookkeeping, we are here to help.

Our team is focused on meeting our clients where they are, assessing the current situation, and designing a plan to move forward.

Where are you in the bookkeeping process?

The books and our bookkeeping processes are in great shape.

Maybe you have had a great bookkeeper and they are retiring or moving on. Or it’s time to build on the solid foundation they have in place because you need more assistance. Let’s talk about transitioning to System Six to carry on the good foundation we have in place and improve on processes, efficiency and scalability as we work together. We can talk about helping with invoicing your clients, improving your time tracking systems and how they integrate into payroll and invoicing processes, look at bill pay, payroll, and reporting.

The books need catch-up/clean-up work.

We likely have several months or more work that needs to be done for our books to be caught-up, we think or know there’s clean-up that needs to occur, and our processes could be improved on.

We’re a startup or new business and need to get books in place.

Let’s ensure business formation and licensing has happened correctly, setup a bookkeeping system (QuickBooks Online) and identify what other needs we might be able to help with: payroll, bill pay, client invoicing, filing state and city taxes, custom reporting, cashflow forecasting, etc.  After setup, we are either going to be interested in System Six supporting us with ongoing bookkeeping or training us so we can do the bookkeeping, and call for help and support as needed.  As we grow, we’ll reevaluate if we need System Six to take responsibility of ongoing bookkeeping.

We’re an established business and haven’t done much, if any bookkeeping.

We don’t really have a set of books, and even though we’re an established business, we need to setup a bookkeeping system, enter historical transactions and get the books caught-up, then move forward with ongoing bookkeeping together.

We believe in better bookkeeping

Put our expertise to work for your business or organization.